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Betting on sports is never boring and there is always something to bet on, especially during this time of the year. The best thing that you can do for yourself as a serious sports bettor,  is a mid-season tune up, an evaluation of where you are at with your bankroll and how your online sportsbooks are treating you. The number one rule in betting, is to have a fast and hard budget. Always, have a budget and always stick to your budget. Flying over your budget and fudging on the numbers will eventually lead to disaster and when we say disaster, we mean broke! Don’t end up this way. This is an exhausting routine and a terrible way to go through each weekend.


Insider Sports Report - Reverse Bets Mean Less Risk More Reward - How to Bet Them


Many folks are tempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater, don’t do it. There is always money to be made betting on sports and each day brings a new opportunity. The beauty of sports gambling, there is an event to bet on every single day of the year. If you must get your gambling fix every single day, then you may do so. Between the NFL, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, NHL, NBA and MLB, you have something every day. Then, there is even more, auto racing, boxing, MMA, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, you name it, most online bookies have it. The choice is yours, what you want to bet on and the handicapping part is a responsibility that you must make a priority.


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Not only is budgeting a super important aspect of sports gambling, but handicapping is also equally important. Find a great handicapping service. There are a few great ones on the internet and some are even free, or at least they offer an extended free trial. Check them out, give them the time of day you will not be sorry. Find a website that features the best handicappers from all over the United States and all under one website roof. They are out there and again, they are free. Handicappers do what they do for a living, many of them work for some of the major networks, some of them are well known sports writers and many of them are famously independent. Some of them even work for powerbooks on the Las Vegas strip. These folks evaluate every single sport and they break those sports down into hundreds of scenarios that the average person would never have the time to do. Give these people a chance and you will see a vey big difference in your bankroll. Even if you need to spend a buck or two for some picks, do it! It will be well worth your time. Wouldn’t you rather spend a couple of bucks on picks and win, then go with your gut and lose? Think about that…


Americas Bookie Make Betting Fun with Easy Deposit Methods


Player Props:

Betting player props is exactly what it sounds like. You are betting on individual players such as the NBA, NCAA or the NHL or any sport that your favorite bookie might be offering props on. Betting player props is a great way to break up the monotony of the season and frankly, boredom. From time to time, we all get bored with our betting routine and we need to mix it up. We for sure want to keep making money but we also want a little excitement. The MLB playoffs are a distant memory and the NBA is maybe not what we are looking for until later in the season so that leaves the NHL, NCAA FB, and NCAA BB. All three of these sports offer awesome player props and the beauty of betting these props’ they are usually head to head bets. Such as Matt Ryan vs. Drew Brees. Who will have more yards-- or a total on yards between the two, or individually. Betting in this manner takes the pressure off of a spread or money line, you no longer have to root for a team to come through for you, you are rooting for individual numbers.


The payouts are great and very from online bookie to online bookie, so be sure to call the bookies that you use and find out what the payouts are. The bottom line here is making money and having fun while doing it. If you are not having fun with your bets, then what is the point? Find great player props, open up your gambling playbook and live a little, make a fortune while killing the bookie!

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Sign up today for our email newsletter and get FREE PICKS from the Nation's #1 handicapping service. The Free Picks will include Free NFL & NCAA Football Picks, Free MLB Baseball Picks, Free NBA & NCAA Basketball Picks...Plus special membership discount offers.
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