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Win More Bets Using a Trusted Handicapper


Trusted handicappers are worth their weight in gold. However, choosing the right one is the problem.

Key Points

  • Using a trusted handicapper is really no different than using a professional in any other aspect of your life.
  • Choosing a trusted handicapper can be tricky, so you have to put in the research to make the best decision.

Like all sports bettors, you would love to win more bets than you lose, right? You try a bunch of different strategies and are still not happy with your results.

Think about other aspects of your life. You arenít a fitness professional so you go to a gym and hire a personal trainer that gets you ripped. You donít spend your days trading stocks so you subscribe to a service that helps you make money in the stock market.

You arenít a professional sports gambler either, so why not win more bets using a trusted handicapper. Hereís how to get started.


Why a Trusted Handicapper

Weíve already identified that you arenít a professional. More important though is the time factor. You need the services of a trusted handicapper simply because of the time needed to make good betting decisions.

Handicappers put in the time to carefully analyze all kinds of data in order to make good decisions. In addition, cappers have experience in doing so and you are paying for that expertise. 

Trusting in a handicapper also can help eliminate some stress from your plate. Getting help from a professional can take some of the pressure off of your decision-making.

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What to Look for in a Handicapper

Finding a trusted handicapper is really no different than shopping for any other service. Itís going to take some homework and some research to find a professional sports handicapper or handicapping service.

The biggest concern is transparency. You want to know how good this guy really is. The best and most trusted in the business are those that are transparent about their records. You should be able to see those records before making a decision.

Be careful too. You should be able to see what types of picks they are making as well as their records. You can always check for references to get an idea of how good a capper is really doing.

Trusted Handicapper = Transparency

Remember, assuming -110 odds on all bets at your offshore sportsbook, you need to win 52.5 percent of the time. The best cappers in the business will have winning percentages of 55 to 60 percent, maybe a bit over 60. Over a short period of time, cappers may go on ridiculous streaks, but if a number looks too good to be true, then it probably isnít true.

Take a look at how the capper accepts payments too. If youíre asked to pay via CashApp or Venmo, youíre probably not dealing with someone on the up and up. Look for services that accept PayPal or process credit cards. That way, you have some protection. Plus, legitimate operations accept those forms of payment.

The other thing you will want to find out - and it may take some extra work - is to see if a handicapper uses double-siding as a strategy. Double-siding is simply selling half of oneís picks on one side of a bet and the rest of the picks on the other side of the bet.

That way, half of the paying customers win and will, presumably, come back for more. This is a shady tactic and should be avoided when picking a trusted handicapper.

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