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Betting College Football Totals

Betting college football totals can impact your bankroll.

Key Points

– Betting college football totals is for all bettors.

– A few simple strategies can help college football totals bettors win more.

Betting College Football Totals

Betting totals in college football is one of the more popular bets. NCAAF odds are among the most wagered on, with such a massive weekly schedule. Along with moneyline and point spread bets, it makes up over three-quarters of all CFB bets. A bet on a game total is one where the bettor wagers on whether the final score combined will go Over or Under a certain set number.

The bet has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. It is solely based on the total number of combined points scored by both teams. Bettors can follow a few key tips in order to win more college football totals bets. Here are a few.

Understand the College Football Totals Bet

With any bet, you have to understand it in order to win more often. The totals bet is a simple one and even inexperienced bettors can get it down pretty quickly.

When setting a game total, oddsmakers take into account several factors. As an example, let’s say they set a total at 57.5. You believe the two defenses will dominate the game and scoring will be tough for both teams. Ultimately, you bet the total will go Under.

The final score of the game ends up 28-27. That’s a total of 55 points meaning you are a winner. If the final score had been 31-27 - a total of 58 points - you would have lost the bet.

Sportsbooks often set game totals in multiples of a half-point. That way, a bet cannot end in a “push” or a tie. If the total had been 55 and the score was 28-27, the result is a push and all bets are refunded.


Common CFB Totals

Betting college football as a whole is different than betting on NFL games. There is much more variety in the quality of teams. Remember, there are 131 FBS teams and only 32 NFL teams. The best teams in the college game are far better than the worst. That’s not the case in the NFL.

There is much more scoring in college football. Regardless, there are a number of final scores that hit way more often than any other. The most common final total in a college football game is 45. The second most common is 41. The following - 52, 44, 51, and 48 - are among the top six most common CFB totals. Knowing this information can help in making totals wagers.

CLICK HERE to find out why betting college football is different from the NFL.

Measure Pace, Tempo, and PPP

There are college football offenses that score a ton of points. Those teams may play at a faster tempo than others. Faster tempo means that a team has more opportunities to score more points. PPP is simply points per play. Teams that score a lot usually have a higher PPP number.

Keep in mind that the best scoring teams in college football average over 40 points per game. Looking at pace, tempo and points per play can give a bettor some insight when betting a game total.

Do you bet NFL 2nd half odds? They are a great way for true fans watching the game to profit more on their bets.

Defensive Play

There are a number of teams each season that will hold their opponents to an average of fewer than 20 points per game. In 2020 for example, Army was second in the country allowing 14.8 points per game. Part of what helped the Black Knights was the offense’s time of possession. Still, Army was very highly ranked in defensive efficiency.

Looking at defensive efficiency numbers can also help in making a strong betting decision on a game total.

Injury Reports When Betting College Football Totals

Injuries can play a huge role in the outcome of a college game. The problem is that teams are not required to release any injury information like they are at the NFL level. It may take some work, but finding out injury information can change a bettor’s outlook on a certain bet.

Injuries to multiple offensive linemen for example, would really impact an offense. The same holds true if a defense had multiple defensive backs hurt. That would change a bettor’s outlook on a game total.

The Elements

It pays to take a look at a weather report before betting a total. Nothing kills scoring in college football like wind. Games played in conditions where the wind speed is greater than 8 mph typically go Under a posted total. Keep that in mind when betting totals.

Shop for the Best Number

It’s one of the easiest betting strategies around - shop for the best betting line. If you like the Over between two high-scoring teams, it would be worth your while to find the bet at 69 as compared to 72.

If you shopped the line and the final ended up 37-34, you’re bet at 69 is a winner. If you didn’t take the time to shop and bet at 72, you’re a loser. Repeatedly, getting the best number can turn you into a long-run totals betting machine.

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